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  • Ineffective meetings kill good projects.
    Non-disclosure, bias, and disengagement
    are the enemy
    XLeap facilitation software overcomes the barriers, delivers results.
  • Clarity, shared purpose, joint action.
    Effective stakeholder engagement
    for project success
    XLeap facilitation software overcomes the barriers, delivers results.
  • Non-disclosure, bias and disengagement kill projects.
    Effective meetings and workshops
    for project success
    XLeap facilitation software overcomes the barriers, delivers results.

XLeap - Facilitation software

XLeap Facilitation Software

Fixing critical facilitated meetings

In any list of “Top Reasons Why Projects Fail” most items point to critical meetings – the PMI lists them all – having failed to deliver required outcomes. For that, blame the professionals who ran those meetings or the PMO failing to equip them with adequate tools.

Historically, this was probably unfair. After all, what were facilitators, project professionals, and consultants – or their PMO - to do about participants not sharing their thoughts fully and honestly? About facts and ideas being ignored because of bias? About participants disengaging as they could hardly get a word in? About a lack of time? About key people not attending in the first place?

These problems have been around forever. But unfortunately, traditional facilitation techniques have never really got to grips with them.

Today it’s different. With intelligent digitalization, professionals can produce the outcomes required for project success.


VYTALS is a real-time online crowdsourcing solution that brings employees together to capture opinions, evaluate ideas and stimulate innovation.

Brandpie VYTALS is powered by XLeap.

Wayne Roberts, COO, Brandpie


Brandpie Logo

XLeap customer Brandpie saved its client AstraZeneca two million hours through an employee-led simplification scheme.

Brandpie VYTALS is powered by XLeap.


Smart digitalization solves the issues

To solve serious problems that stand in the way of results, digitalization must do more than just emulate old-school methodologies in a digital format. XLeap has worked with facilitators, project professionals, and consultants of many disciplines to develop a suite of digital workspaces that:

  • Support any facilitated process
  • Enable full and honest disclosure
  • Reduce bias
  • Establish priorities
  • Measure consensus
  • Give everyone their say
  • Accelerate everything
  • Are self-documenting

With XLeap, facilitation professionals and their groups produce superior results very fast. Feeling valued, key stakeholders and experts make themselves available. Fully involved in a transparent process, participants engage, take ownership of, and become committed to their results.

No wonder leading consultancies, projectized corporations, research institutions and government agencies rely on XLeap.

Let XLeap work for you!

Whether working freelance or in an organization, you and your participants deserve the best tools to produce and deliver the best possible outcomes.


If you are free to choose your tools:

  1. Begin a free 14-day XLeap Trial today.
  2. XLeap then offers a free consultation.
  3. A Personal XLeap subscription costs €4,900 per year. This includes 6 hours of one-on-one training, at no charge. Buy now.
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If you work for an organization which relies on facilitated meetings for its projects, consulting, or professional services, please get in touch to discuss, for example:

  1. The suitability of XLeap for your work
  2. Deployment options
  3. Security
  4. Enablement of your team
  5. Your timelines

Pricing for organizational deployments starts at €25,450.

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Educational or non-profit organization

If your organization serves educational or other not-for-profit purposes, you probably qualify for special pricing. LEARN IF YOU QUALIFY