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XLeap Brainstorm space

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XLeap Brainstorm

Use the Brainstorm workspace to:

  • Provide anonymity. Participants feel free to share what they know and truly think
  • Collect many more original ideas, faster. You will get comprehensive and unfiltered lists of opinions, facts, or questions
  • Let your group categorize ideas easily. Participants can comment on ideas, and prioritize themes, ideas, or comments with sticky notes

The Brainstorm workspace is self-documenting. A Word report or export to Excel are immediately available.

XLeap Brainstorm - Brainstorming the list

Generating ideas

For a list of ideas, simply ask what you are looking for and open up the Brainstorm workspace for participants. Participants post their contributions via the input box and see the contributions of others instantly, sparking a stream of connections and further inputs.
Anonymity and interactivity enable flow, which is hard to achieve in traditional brainstorming sessions, and nearly impossible in conventional conferences. Participants fire away and build on one another's ideas.

All ideas welcome

With XLeap Brainstorm, groups become very productive: To contribute, participants need not wait their turn. With anonymity, they need not consider personal consequences of offering a thought. It is also much easier to avoid personal or departmental prejudice when ideas, opinions, or facts stand for themselves.

No name, no problem

Which is why, by default, contributions to Brainstorm are anonymous. Tagging with a team name or the name of the contributor is possible, but should be reserved for groups working with an established level of trust and cohesion.

Collecting opinions, questions, or facts

Brainstorming is not just for fresh ideas. If you want to learn what people think of an existing situation or option, simply ask their opinion. If you want to learn the facts before reaching a conclusion, it is usually a good idea to ask what works, and what is not working.

With Brainstorm, you will get everybody's answer. Fast. With anonymity, responses will be honest and to the point.



Everybody knows that during brainstorming sessions, one should not comment on the suggestions. Fortunately, with XLeap this is no longer true: Simply turn on the commenting feature, and participants can offer their comments on the ideas already on the list.

This captures useful information and does not interrupt anybody or anything. It also saves participants from offering ideas which are only slight variations of existing ideas.

As Host, you can provide 'prompts' to make sure that comments cover all relevant aspects.

Host commenting on prompt


When the contributions are in, you can categorize or 'theme' them by creating a list of folders and asking your group to sort the items.

Since everybody helps, sorting is very fast. A long list of contributions is broken into shorter lists of items which share a property or theme.

With XLeap, you can even merge contributions by dropping one on another. This is great for eliminating duplicates or aggregating information to a common level of abstraction.

Color-code folders for advanced use cases.

Host creating folders for theming

Prioritization with sticky dots

As an alternative to full-fledged Rating, Hosts can use sticky dots for prioritization.

For this, Hosts define up to 5 types of sticky dot by

  • Color
  • Quantity
  • Meaning

Hosts also specify whether participants should mark up folders, ideas or comments. The allocation of sticky dots can occur 'blind' (i.e., with participants seeing the allocations of others only after allocation has ended), or as a joint activity (participants see the choices of others directly).

Prioritization of ideas with sticky dots


The results of Brainstorming are often copied to a Rating sheet for prioritization.

Automatic documentation - Export

Like all XLeap workspaces, Brainstorm is self-documenting.

Brainstorm is, of course, included in the Word report which is instantly available for download. For follow-up processing in other applications, export the data in '.txt' or Excel format.

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