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XLeap Conferencing services

Video, Voice, Screen Sharing

XLeap Conferencing

XLeap conferencing is powered by Dolby. Like all of XLeap, the conference runs in the browser. No ‘downloads’, ‘plug-ins’, or ‘add-ons’ required.


As one would expect from Dolby technology, voice is crystal clear. The conference scales to well over 100 users, exceeding anything that could be called a meeting.

In the workspaces, where participants contribute in writing to benefit from anonymity, involvement, and working in parallel, voice primarily serves for the Host’s participation instructions and facilitator-led process steps, such as the joint analysis of Rating results or a walk through Brainstorm folders.

In other words: In XLeap one can always talk. But talking is just one channel, not the only channel of communication.

XLeap Welcome space - Plenary conference


In the Welcome space, Hosts can enable plenary video for up to 25 participants. Beyond that limit video mode switches to ‘managed’, meaning that only participants currently engaged in the conversation are shown.

In the workspaces, or when sharing screen, video moves into the background, as participant contributions or presentations take center stage. Hosts and presenters can, of course, share their video if they wish.     

XLeap Brainstorm with Host video
XLeap Session participants panel

Access and control

Running purely in the browser, access to the conference is a matter of network access and rarely an issue (learn more).

Conference control is easy.

Participants can mute and unmute their microphone or activate their camera with the usual buttons in their status bar. The participant overview shows who is connected to the conference and who is speaking.

Hosts can mute the microphones of individual participants or of the whole group. Simple ... no further explanation required.