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XLeap Facilitation Software

Discovery, engagement, and alignment

Few consulting projects succeed without interfacing closely with the client. To discover needs and requirements. For tapping into the knowledge of the organization. For engaging with key client personnel and winning them over as change agents.

In theory, meetings are perfect for this. In practice, they are often difficult: Some participants clam up just because there are others in the meeting. Some people like the sound of their own voice too much. Group dynamics get complex when multiple departments are involved or there is apprehension of the project and the consultants in charge of it.

Most firms will call in expert facilitators to get the required results when the situation and the dynamics are difficult. Unfortunately, these seasoned professionals are in short supply. They also cannot work miracles. If trust is lacking, they need time to build it. Even given that time, there is little they can do about participants not sharing fully and honestly what they know and really think. With personal and departmental prejudice being facts of life, facilitators cannot force participants to judge ideas and arguments only on merit. The list of issues doesn’t end here.

VYTALS is a real-time online crowdsourcing solution that brings employees together to capture opinions, evaluate ideas and stimulate innovation.

Brandpie VYTALS is powered by XLeap.

Wayne Roberts, COO, Brandpie


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XLeap customer Brandpie saved its client AstraZeneca two million hours through an employee-led simplification scheme.

Brandpie VYTALS is powered by XLeap.


Without a silver bullet, these issues are usually accepted because the situation and facilitation methodology are what they are. Such acceptance does not change the fact that opportunities are being missed, that alignment is superficial at best, and that information withheld today makes for ugly surprises tomorrow.

XLeap is the silver bullet

With advanced digitalization available, facilitators, their firms and of course their clients, now have a choice. When there is a solution that works, nobody needs to put up with mediocre meetings, their mediocre outcomes and their dire consequences. Instead, one can use the silver bullet of advanced technology to cut through the issues and produce relevant and robust outcomes.

XLeap facilitation software is that silver bullet. It provides a psychologically safe virtual environment in which participants feel free to share honestly what they think and where every contribution gets a fair hearing. With XLeap participants can share those views when they want to, rather than having to wait their turn (a turn which may never come!). With XLeap, groups can establish priorities efficiently and facilitators can see where the group is aligned and where not and take action accordingly. LEARN HOW XLEAP WORKS

XLeap changes the economics

With XLeap and a suitable session template, even junior consultants can run meetings that matter and reliably deliver the outcomes required. Freed up from these important but routine meetings, expert facilitators use XLeap to deliver the hard stuff: unique high-profile meetings that warrant a custom-designed approach.

The firm’s expert facilitators have of course another critical role to play. They build the XLeap templates that embody the firm’s signature way of working, seamlessly integrating with its processes and systems.

Two further benefits of XLeap that firms highlight:

Elegant and effective  pre-sales discovery. By providing XLeap, firms enable senior management of clients and prospects to have a more open and honest conversation about their challenges and priorities. Obviously, firms then offer their help.

More flexible and efficient staffing of projects. With XLeap templates, project teams become much more self-sufficient. Expert facilitators only need to be made available and coordinated (across projects, countries and time-zones) as an exception, when a project team really needs their involvement.

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Scalable, secure, certified

Scalable, Secure, Certified

XLeap is a scalable and secure enterprise-class application served from the Amazon Cloud (learn more). Alternatively, it can be installed in-house (learn more). The development of the software and the software service are certified to comply with ISO27001.

An XLeap Center enables and supports:

  • hundreds of Hosts running unlimited sessions with large numbers of participants
  • collaboration between Hosts in the preparation and running of sessions
  • the design, management, and dissemination of session templates by the firm’s “template managers”

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  5. Your timelines

Pricing for organizational deployments starts at {cur}25,450.

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