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  • Automatische Dokumentation
    Drucken mit Word - Export zu Excel

Automatic report

Documentation in Word and Excel

Automatic documentation

XLeap workspaces are self-documenting which means that not only the contributions of participants are captured but also the written instructions of the Host.

Word report

At any time, Hosts can create a session report in Word format (.docx) for distribution to participants and anybody else eligible to receive the outcomes of that session.

To cater for different information needs, Hosts can adjust the comprehensiveness of the minutes by deselecting unneeded or redundant information.

For instance, the detailed listing of brainstormed ideas may be unwanted if those ideas are given again in the results of a subsequent rating. Or management may only be interested in the top scoring (e.g., 'most important') items. For this, it is possible to limit the range of results tables and charts to the 'top X' or 'bottom Y' items.

XLeap Report maker

Conversely, Hosts can include extra results tables for analysis which were not shown in the web conference, such as 'team' comparisons, and so on.

Slideshow presentations can include the slides or just the content of the feedback channel.

Based on the - if so, changed - configuration, the report is created in Word format (.docx) by pushing a button. Depending on browser settings, the report can be opened directly in Word or must be downloaded first. Word offers all possible ways of editing and, of course, conversion to PDF.

Male facilitator

Export to Excel

Where the Word report presents the outcomes of the session in context and with reader-friendly formatting, workspaces also provide for the export of content in machine-friendly format:

  • Brainstorm, DeepDive and Presentation provide for download in the universal plain text (.txt) format.
  • Rating results tables can be downloaded as Excel (.xlsx) files which hold all relevant data for that – if so, multi-criteria – assessment.

Excel compatibility means that the outcomes of XLeap sessions can be processed by any system that may be relevant. Frequent use cases include:

  • Further analysis and more sophisticated graphical representation of Rating results prior to presentation to management in Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Import of identified and assessed risks to Risk Management Systems
  • Import of ideas and concepts to Idea Management Systems