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  • Deployment options

Deployment options overview

Deployment options

XLeap offers a comprehensive range of deployment options which cover the different requirements of individual practitioners, consulting firms, internal consulting departments and PMOs of all sizes and industries.

Personal subscriptions

Individual practitioners are probably served best by a Personal XLeap Center which gives them the full functionality of XLeap at moderate cost while avoiding the burden of corporate-style administration. A new subscription includes 6 hours of training. 

XLeap for organizations

Firms or agencies can choose between enterprise-class cloud and in-house deployments. The XLeap Centers of these deployments provide the full spectrum of administrative controls. They also enable collaboration between the facilitators of the organization and the management of best practice.

Cloud (SaaS)

  • XLeap Center
    is the most popular XLeap deployment for organizations. It offers enterprise-class scalability and administrative control.
  • XLeap Managed Server
    is for organizations which require dedicated server instances in a 2-tier deployment.

In-house (installable)


Where the Internet cannot or must not be relied on, individual practitioners and organizations rely on Portable Servers.

* Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

Let XLeap work for you!

Whether working freelance or in an organization, you and your participants deserve the best tools to produce and deliver the best possible outcomes.


If you are free to choose your tools:

  1. Begin a free 14-day XLeap Trial today.
  2. XLeap then offers a free consultation.
  3. A Personal XLeap subscription costs {cur}4,900 per year. This includes 6 hours of one-on-one training, at no charge. Buy now.
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If you work for an organization which relies on facilitated meetings for its projects, consulting, or professional services, please get in touch to discuss, for example:

  1. The suitability of XLeap for your work
  2. Deployment options
  3. Security
  4. Enablement of your team
  5. Your timelines

Pricing for organizational deployments starts at {cur}25,450.

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Educational or non-profit organization

If your organization serves educational or other not-for-profit purposes, you probably qualify for special pricing. LEARN IF YOU QUALIFY