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Training up

XLeap is different. It does not simply emulate traditional facilitation methodology at a distance.

Instead, XLeap accelerates everything dramatically and involves everybody. It overcomes social barriers. It enables groups to do things not possible in traditional settings such as instant prioritization, measuring consent and assessing issues, ideas, and options on multiple criteria.

In short, there is a lot of new stuff to learn. While learning by doing is fine, most facilitators and consultants prefer the guidance of a trainer when applying the new possibilities to their customary way of working with groups. An important part of such accelerated learning is unlearning some traditional wisdom about what is and what is not possible for a group to achieve both in a room together and remotely.

Anonymity - Involvement - Process

Become a Licensed XLeap Professional!

XLeap users who participate in formal training, qualify as Licensed XLeap Professionals.

XLeap Licensed Professional

Individual subscribers

Your personal subscription includes 3 sessions of one-on-one training at no charge with an XLeap-appointed trainer when taken within 90 days of purchase.

Training sessions occur remotely and last for 2 hours. While the one-on-one format lets trainers accommodate your specific questions and interests, the course follows a proven curriculum:

  1. The XLeap toolbox
    Process designer - Brainstorm - Rating - DeepDive - Presentation - Documentation in Word and Excel
  2. Running a workshop with XLeap
    Invitation - Navigating participants - Flow of content - Anonymity - Divergence and convergence
    Session 2 includes assignment of homework in preparation of the third session.
  3. Practice and evaluation
    Practice session with trainer acting as participant.

Begin your trial today. XLeap will contact you within 3 work days for any questions you may have and, should you wish to subscribe, which trainer should be assigned to you.

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Consulting or professional services firm

Few things are more annoying than software that is not used except, of course, consultants wasting time that could be billable. To accelerate time to value, most firms choose between two XLeap enablement models:

  1. Consultants
    meaning subject matter experts who rely on facilitated meetings in the delivery of their projects, are usually trained on selected use cases of their field for which process templates are developed for them.
  2. Facilitators
    meaning experts in facilitation, are trained on how to design and run workshop processes with XLeap for any purpose.

Both curricula typically involve 6 remote sessions of 2 hours with up to 4 participants.

Let's discuss which model would work best for you and if it makes sense to jump start adoption by developing templates for your most frequent and critical use cases.

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Disclaimer: XLeap training enables consultants and facilitators to use XLeap effectively. It assumes that trainees are proficient in their job which includes the facilitation of meetings. XLeap training does not cover basic facilitation skills nor does it attempt to educate subject matter experts in their subject.

Further enablement

XLeap enables new and better ways of working with a group which includes new meeting formats and use cases.

XLeap Professionals who wish to join the elite at the edge of developing these formats and use cases, may wish to make XLeap a corner stone of their professional development.

Advanced XLeap enablement can take many forms. While not all XLeap Enablement Partners provide all services, customers can typically

  • attend Advanced Facilitation training and Master Classes
  • agree the customization of these trainings and classes to specific requirements of their firm
  • arrange for on-demand one-on-one coaching for high-profile, complex, or simply new use cases 
  • involve XLeap Enablement Partners in developing new offerings or templates for frequent use cases

Advanced XLeap Facilitator Training

Advanced facilitator training

  • is aimed at XLeap Professionals with significant XLeap experience of ideally a year (or 50 sessions).
  • typically involves a two or three-day training course or four to six 4-hour training sessions.

Xleap Enablement Partners may run a skill assessment to match trainees to the adequate course. 

Advanced facilitation training can be customized to customer requirements and purposes. Practical exercises and lessons learned form the basis of individual improvement plans.

Graduates of this course will be able to apply advanced design principles and digital facilitation techniques to complex challenges.

XLeap Master Class

Master Classes are

  • targeted at seasoned XLeap Facilitators.
  • typically delivered as a 3-day training course or six 4-hour online sessions.

Master Classes address complex agendas and challenges in client engagements. Participants are encouraged to bring their most challenging cases for their peers to discuss, design and practice in (sub)groups. The focus is on process design and facilitation. Proficiency with the XLeap toolkit is assumed.

Master Classes will explore and push the limits of digital facilitation.

Coaching and consulting

Most XLeap Enablement Partners will offer much more than training and classes.

Coaching can cover anything from the review or co-development of workshop processes for challenging assignments, to the debriefing of challenging situations, to assistance in the running of high-profile sessions.

Consulting most frequently centers on the development or review of XLeap templates for frequent use cases. XLeap Enablement Partners can also contribute to the (re)design of

  • business processes which involve meetings such as Stage Gate reviews, Risk assessments, or Requirements gathering.
  • internal enablement programs.

Please let us put you in touch with the 'right' XLeap Enablement Partner for your purpose and geography.

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Become an XLeap Enablement Partner

If your firm employs seasoned XLeap Experts and you want your firm to become an XLeap Enablement Partner, please get in touch.


XLeap Enablement Partner