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XLeap Facilitation Software

Today, let’s all be honest and open!

Getting participants in a meeting or workshop to share their thoughts freely and listen to others with an open mind is at the heart of what expert facilitators get hired for, and take pride in doing, in meetings that matter. Human and social dynamics must be dealt with before questions of process and meaningful work can be attempted. Facilitation methods and styles differ, but, in essence, participants are meant to believe that the meeting at hand is special and therefore the regular rules of daily business do not apply, things like not criticizing an idea if it comes from the boss.

Unfortunately, despite the facilitator’s best efforts, most participants prefer to play it safe in special meetings too and for good reason. For instance, are they really to believe that bosses who generally do not welcome criticism will suddenly do so? Can facilitators really offer protection against those knowing glances, raised eyebrows, and smirks which can be just as damaging as open ridicule? Are colleagues likely to forgive critical comments because today’s meeting matters? Probably not!

For participants, not turning up may be their safest bet. If they must attend, most will go with the flow, by finding something constructive and inoffensive to say and happily signaling polite attention when somebody else volunteers to speak and pass the time. Flipcharts and whiteboards can still be filled, and outcomes can be presented, giving the impression that the subject has been properly dealt with.

Only, it hasn’t. Whatever the excuses, when the truth is withheld and prejudice or bias dominate perceptions, that has consequences. Critical information and good ideas go to waste. Opportunities are missed, or worse.

XLeap delivers superior results by putting people and their social needs front and center. Collaboration engineering at its very best.

Prof. Dr. Eva Bittner
Leader Research Group on Socio-Technical Systems Design
Hamburg University

Facilitators now have a silver bullet

Generations of facilitators have wrestled with these issues. Some innovators have embraced digitalization and worked with XLeap to overcome them.

The result is facilitation software which lets facilitators provide a psychologically safe environment. With XLeap, participants can say what they think without fear and participants “get” that immediately. No need to embellish, or airbrush, or self-censor facts and opinions. All contributions getting a fair hearing reinforces this readiness to contribute fully. Contributions become brief and to-the-point because possible misunderstandings can be resolved directly. Sophisticated rating lets groups decide on priorities, shows alignment and flags dissent. This list of benefits goes on. LEARN HOW XLEAP WORKS

Today, facilitators have a choice: They can continue to concentrate their efforts, charisma, and interpersonal skills on convincing participants that they should open up and say what they really think. Or they can use XLeap to provide a psychologically safe environment and focus everybody’s effort on producing the high-quality outcomes clients require and participants can feel proud of.

Embracing change is rarely easy. But for once, there really are only winners.

Scalable, secure, certified

Scalable, Secure, Certified

Individual facilitators subscribe to a Personal XLeap Center which offers the full functionality of XLeap with minimum administrative hassle (learn more).

For organizations, XLeap is deployed as a scalable and secure enterprise-class application served from the Amazon Cloud (learn more). Alternatively, it can be installed in-house (learn more). The development of the software and the software service are certified to comply with ISO27001.

An organizational XLeap Center enables and supports:

  • hundreds of Hosts running unlimited sessions with large numbers of participants
  • collaboration between Hosts in the preparation and running of sessions
  • the design, management, and dissemination of session templates by the organization’s “template managers”

Let XLeap work for you!

Whether working freelance or in an organization, you and your participants deserve the best tools to produce and deliver the best possible outcomes.


If you are free to choose your tools:

  1. Begin a free 14-day XLeap Trial today.
  2. XLeap then offers a free consultation.
  3. A Personal XLeap subscription costs {cur}4,900 per year. This includes 6 hours of one-on-one training, at no charge. Buy now.
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If you work for an organization which relies on facilitated meetings for its projects, consulting, or professional services, please get in touch to discuss, for example:

  1. The suitability of XLeap for your work
  2. Deployment options
  3. Security
  4. Enablement of your team
  5. Your timelines

Pricing for organizational deployments starts at {cur}25,450.

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Educational or non-profit organization

If your organization serves educational or other not-for-profit purposes, you probably qualify for special pricing. LEARN IF YOU QUALIFY