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  • XLeap In-house Server
    Deployed in your data center.

XLeap In-House Server

XLeap In-house Server

The In-house Server is the solution for organizations which prefer to deploy XLeap in their own data center.

Features include:

  • Advanced XLeap facilitation tools and spaces
  • Easy collaboration between facilitators ("Hosts" and "Co-hosts")
  • Conferencing services (cloud based) *
    • Video conferencing
    • Voice conferencing
    • Screen sharing
  • Enterprise-class application server
    • operating system: Linux or Windows Server (please specify in order)
    • database: embedded Apache Derby (default) or choice of customer-supplied database servers
  • Installed in the customer’s data center
  • Single Sign On (SSO) integration (SAML2.0)
  • Enterprise-class security controls
  • Branded login page, welcome space, session reports
  • Easy roll-out across the organization - just add Host licenses
  • Personally licensed Hosts can run unlimited sessions with unlimited participants

* XLeap conferencing services are optional. XLeap works well in combination with any conferencing solution customers or their clients may prefer.

Software requirements are given below. A detailed System and Deployment Guide is available for download.

Once the customer has made their deployment decisions and implemented them on the network, deployment is easy: Download the installer, execute, and configure. Software maintenance is a matter of minutes as it occurs by download and implementation of executable update installers.

Deployment of an XLeap In-house Server requires

  • A one-time installation support fee
  • A subscription for the server software
  • At least one Host subscription covering the required number of Host licenses (Learn more)
  • A connection to XLeap's licensing system

Subscriptions are governed by the applicable Software Subscription Agreement (United States, International).

Let's get going!

Please request a free consultation to discuss 

  1. The suitability of XLeap for the work you do
  2. Deployment options and assurances to your clients
  3. The licensing and enablement of your team
  4. Your timelines

Once it is clear what you need and how we can assist you, we'll deliver a plan and a proposal you can agree to.

Request a consultation

Software Requirements

Operating systems Databases
Amazon Linux 2 Apache Derby (embedded)
CentOS Linux 7 or later MySQL 5 (compatible) or later, e.g., Aurora
RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 or later
Windows Server 2016 or later  

CPU: x86_64, ARM64-bit v8 (Linux)
The XLeap installer includes an OpenJDK 8 Development Kit.