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  • Managed Server
    Dedicated instances. Named administrator.

XLeap Managed Server

XLeap Managed Server

XLeap Managed Server provides the ultimate scalability and security of an exclusive instance for the application server with dedicated 2nd-tier database server. It is served from the Amazon Cloud (AWS).

Features of an XLeap Managed Server include:

  • Advanced XLeap tools and spaces
  • Easy collaboration between facilitators ("Hosts" and "Co-hosts")
  • Conferencing services
    • Video conferencing
    • Voice conferencing
    • Screen sharing
  • Web application server on dedicated instance (1st tier)
  • Separate database server on dedicated instance (2nd tier)
  • Daily encrypted backup (snapshot)
  • Single Sign On (SSO) integration (SAML2.0)
  • Enterprise-class security controls
  • Choice of deployment region (California, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, or Virginia)
  • Software updates to agreed schedule
  • Fully qualified meeting center address e.g.,
    • '' (uses XLeap’s TLS certificate)
    • '' (uses customer’s TLS certificate)
  • Branded login page, welcome space, session reports
  • Named XLeap server administrator
  • Easy roll-out across the organization - just add Host licenses
  • Personally-licensed Hosts can run unlimited sessions with unlimited participants

Deployment of an XLeap Managed Server requires:

  • A one-time set-up fee
  • A subscription for the Managed Server
  • At least one Host subscription covering the required number of Host licenses (Learn more).

Subscriptions for XLeap are governed by the applicable Terms and Conditions for the Software Service (United States, International).

UK Government customers purchase their XLeap Managed Server via the Public Procurement Gateway for the Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 13.


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  1. The suitability of XLeap for your work
  2. Deployment options
  3. Security
  4. Enablement of your team
  5. Your timelines

Pricing for organizational deployments starts at {cur}25,450.

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Comparison of XLeap cloud deployments

  Personal subscription XLeap Center Managed Server
Advanced facilitation tools and spaces
Session templates
Sessions via URL + security code
Authenticated sessions
TLS 1.3 encryption of traffic
Disk encryption (data at rest)
Dedicated web container
Dedicated database
Dedicated application server instance
Dedicated 2nd tier database instance
Dedicated (individually restorable) backup
Centralized administration
Separation of privileged accounts
Scheduled deletion of inactive users
Scheduled deletion of old sessions
Single Sign On (SSO) (SAML2.0)
Custom use notification at login
Scheduled changes of password
Prevent reuse of passwords
Minimum lifetime of passwords
Security questions on new password request
2-factor authentication (1-time token)
Limitation of failed login attempts (lock account)
Obscured feedback on failed login
XLeap Center address (URL) e.g. OR