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Personal XLeap Center

XLeap is a Group Decision Support System but you may prefer to think of it simply as advanced facilitation software. XLeap overcomes the social and process barriers which take up so much time and waste so much energy in conventional settings. In other words: XLeap let's you and your participants get on with it.

Global organizations trust me to facilitate key virtual meetings and virtual learning programs for them. Across geographies and cultures, communication challenges can be tough. XLeap helps me overcome them.

Nancy Settle-Murphy, Guided Insights

With the Process designer tool, you set up and configure specific workspaces to produce the required outcome in the time available. Of course, XLeap also works face-to-face.

XLeap sessions are valuable and have a life cycle. Which is why your personal XLeap Center lets you keep as many sessions as you like. For preparation. For processing after the session. For running several 'anytime' sessions in parallel. For easy accessibility of content for use in a follow-up session. For re-use of successful session processes by mouse click.

Know professionals by their tools

XLeap spaces and tools


Brainstorm ideas, opinions or facts. Very fast. Provide anonymity for creativity and honesty. Theme in folders. Prioritize with sticky dots.



Rate items on any common rating method and measure consensus. Instant results tables and charts. Advanced multi-criteria analysis.



Drill down on multiple topics. Let teams share perspectives, join the dots and build consensus. Anonymously, with 'team tags' or named. Use discussion prompts to cover all relevant aspects.



Communicate concepts or facts per screen share or slide show.
Turn the audience into participants via the self-documenting discussion feedback channel.



Crystal clear voice, video and screen sharing with the latest Dolby technology. Participants join over the Internet.


Automatic report

XLeap workspaces are self-documenting. Produce instant, accurate reports in Word or export to Excel with a mouse click.


Leap over the barriers

Anonymity - Involvement - Process

XLeap lets your participants become engaged and invested. All workspaces provide for deep, meaningful involvement. Anonymity lets people say what they think. Process drives results.

With XLeap you can

  • Let participants get a word in
    While participants can always talk via the conference, when doing the work, everyone contributes in writing. This accelerates brainstorming sessions dramatically. Discussions become deep-dives even with limited time and many participants. Participants can contribute ideas, opinions or facts simultaneously and respond to those of others directly without waiting their turn. XLeap sessions are more interactive, more collaborative and more dynamic than meetings and workshops - let alone web conferences - could ever aspire to.
  • Let participants say what they really know and think
    The host of the session can switch on anonymity at any time, which lets participants share honestly what they think and know.
  • Let participants treat contributions on merit - not who said it
    With anonymity switched on, all contributions are judged purely on merit. Personal prejudice does not come into play when the identity of the contributor is unknown. Participants work together on ideas, opinions and facts just as those ideas, opinions and facts appear, with an open mind - even across departmental or other tribal divides.
Anonymity - Involvement - Process
  • Let participants establish priorities and build consensus
    Have your group rate any list of ideas, opinions, facts or proposed measures with the applicable rating method (numeric scale, rank order, multiple selection, budget allocation, estimate), then and there on one or several criteria. Meaningful results are immediately available in tables and charts. Consensus is measured and shown. The results can be used to prioritize further discussion in the session or serve to inform decisions taken after the session.
Runs on any device
The very latest web technology

Runs on any device

XLeap is built on the latest web technology and runs on any device.

On computers, users connect with recent versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer or Safari.

Users of Android or iOS tablets and phones* use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Connection to the XLeap service is via standard port TCP 443 (https).

*Mobile devices only support passive screen sharing.


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