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    Inform and get feedback

XLeap Presentation space

Inform and get feedback

XLeap Presentation

The Presentation workspace is for presenting information and getting meaningful feedback from participants.

The presentation can be run as a slide show or by screen sharing. The (optional) feedback channel provides the full functionality of the DeepDive workspace.

Slide show

At the heart of the XLeap Presentation workspace is its slide show.

Presenters upload PDF documents, graphic files (jpg, jpeg, png, svg) or videos (mp4) they want to present. Slides can be selected or rearranged by their thumbnails.

Flexible controls

Control of the presentation usually lies with the appointed Presenter but can be delegated to all participants for independent browsing.

XLeap Presentation scales well for large groups, even over slow Internet connections. When participants enter the Presentation workspace, their devices begin to load the presentation directly. This preloading of slides enables participant devices to execute commands of the presenter such as Next page, Previous page or Zoom in/out without delay even if connections are slow and/or there are many participants.

XLeap Presentation title slide with thumbnails

Screen sharing

If the content of the presentation is dynamic or animated, presenters will typically want to share your screen.

Presentation by screen sharing differs from simple screen sharing via the Screen share button of the toolbar by the shared screen being contained in the 'frame' of the Presentation workspace. This means that participants can contribute via the feedback channel while the presentation is in progress.

Feedback channel

Traditional online presentations are usually run with muted participant microphones, stifling any form of interactivity. This can come across - even with the best presenters - as 'shut up and listen'. There are many surveys that indicate that during such presentations, many participants engage in parallel activities, such as making coffee or powering through their emails and thus missing key messages.

Instead of turning people off, XLeap presentations invite the audience to engage and participate via its easy-to-use yet sophisticated feedback channel. The feedback channel offers the interactivity and functionality of an XLeap DeepDive workspace:

Anonymity. Feedback contributions can be anonymous, tagged with a 'team' name or show the name of the contributor. With anonymity, feedback will be honest and to the point.


Structure. Feedback can apply to the presentation or to individual slides.

  • Discussion prompts can request comments on aspects which need to be covered.
  • Sticky dots can be used to mark up slides or comments.

Via the feedback channel, presenters see directly where their presentation has delivered its message, and where and what they need to clarify. Presenters can choose to either pause at the end each slide to reply to specific comments in the discussion, or to review and respond to comments after the presentation. Alternatively, they can have members of their team answer questions and provide additional information in real time.

XLeap Presentation with feedback channel

Filtering of views. For advanced use cases, participant views can be filtered. For example, participants can be restricted to see only their own feedback or the feedback of their ‘team’ before the Host lets them view all contributions.

Female facilitator

Share in advance

Some XLeap presentations are designed to become hybrid: The presentation is shared for comment ahead of the actual shared session, and asks for advance feedback.

Then, in the shared (same time) session, the presenter can focus on open questions and contentious issues to get more across, with fewer misunderstandings, faster.

Follow up

The content of the feedback channel can be copied to the other XLeap workspaces for further work.

Often, the Presentation workspace is used to 'set the scene' or bring across privileged information ahead of brainstorming ideas, causes, solutions or whatever is required in XLeap’s Brainstorm workspace, or before matters are assessed in the Rating workspace.

Automatic documentation

Like all XLeap workspaces, Presentation is self-documenting.

The slides of the presentation and the feedback discussions are, by default, included in the Word Report which can be created instantly by the Host.

The content of the feedback channel can, of course, be exported and downloaded in .txt and Excel format.

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