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Spaces and tools

Results fast

Process designer

If you want more than a conversation, design a process that gets you results.

Select the required workspaces and set the task. For example, to get facts, opinions or ideas, add a Brainstorm space and ask your question. Then add a Rating sheet to prioritize a shortlist. Then do a Deep-dive to drill into the why and what.


Process Designer tool
Ideas, opinions, facts

Brainstorm space

If you need to know what is possible or what's going on or what people tink, ask the Brainstorm question, and ideas, opinions or facts will come flying in. Anonymously or tagged 'by team' or named.

Contributions are immediately visible to all, triggering new ideas. Contributions can be commented upon, organized in folders, prioritized with sticky dots and exported to Excel.


Brainstorm space
Structured assessment - Clear priorities

Rating sheet

Rating lets you and your group

  1. Establish priorities
  2. Assess ideas, facts or opinions
  3. See where you agree and where you do not

XLeap Rating provides all customary rating methods, multi-criteria analysis and team comparison.


Rating sheet
Instant priorities

Rating results tables

The very moment the Rating is closed you'll know

  1. What are the top-scoring items?
  2. What is irrelevant for this purpose?
  3. Where do we (dis)agree?

Even complex multi-criteria analysis can be done in real time, complete with computed indicator values, sensitivity analysis and team comparison.


Rating results table
Accessible real-time analysis

Rating results chart

Results charts facilitate joint analysis in the meeting.

  1. What's the trade-off between criteria?
  2. Do the 'teams' differ in their assessment?
  3. Are there 'dominant' choices?

Analyze ratings on up to 3 criteria with team comparison.


Multi-criteria results chart
Why? How exactly?

DeepDive space

Drill into or expand on one or several topics. Anonymously or tagged 'by team' or named.

Participants contribute honestly where they have most to say. Nobody has to wait their turn. This is many times faster and more productive than a conventional oral discussion.


Deep dive space - Discussion panel
Inform, engage

Presentation space

Presentation is for bringing across concepts or facts while engaging the audience to give honest feedback.

Presentation is by slide show or screen share. Feedback can be anonymous, tagged 'by team' or named. Participants feel valued. Presenters know how their message lands.


Presentation space
Video, voice, screen sharing


The XLeap conference is a simple as it can be. Share your camera, or microphone. No hassle about 'downloads', 'plug-ins' or 'add-ons'.

XLeap's technology partner Dolby takes care of quality.

In the workspaces, the conference moves descretely into the background letting participants focus on the matter at hand, getting the outcomes you need.


Push-button documentation

Session report

XLeap workspaces are self-documenting. This means that you can produce a fully formatted Word report at the push of a button.

Or save content to disk, for instance, a Rating results table or a sorted list of ideas for further processing in Excel.


Automatic Session Report