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XLeap White paper - Overcoming the limitations of traditional facilitation

The persistent issues facilitators don’t like to talk about and how digitalization can fix them

Overcoming the limitations of traditional facilitation

Executive summary

Historically, facilitation methodologies and techniques have had only limited success in overcoming persistent social barriers creating bias and preventing full disclosure. While generally accepted as unavoidable, and therefore not much talked about, this shortcoming can cast doubt on the outcomes even of otherwise perfectly designed and executed meetings.

When the outcomes of meetings lack validity, ill-informed decisions and failed projects are the consequence.

Today, sophisticated digitalization allows facilitation professionals to side-step social issues by granting anonymity, which removes social barriers when those get in the way of relevant, honest, and robust results.

Beyond dealing with the issues of non-disclosure and bias, facilitation software also gives participants the airtime they need and the tools to prioritize and focus on what matters most.

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