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About us

Since 2007, MeetingSphere has worked closely with facilitators and consultants who had to run their workshops remotely. This has resulted in the 'digital magic' of XLeap facilitation software.

Today, more and more facilitators and consultants make XLeap’s digital magic their own. Adopting XLeap skills, they not only stay relevant but expand their practice, which now is overwhelmingly online.

XLeap is a branded product of MeetingSphere, which has offices in Norfolk, Virginia and Hamburg Germany.

MeetingSphere Inc
440 Monticello Ave, Ste 1875
Norfolk, VA 23510-2571
United States

+1 (703) 348 0725

MeetingSphere GmbH
Efftingestrasse 28
22041 Hamburg

+49 (0)40 6891 5690
Registered in Hamburg HRB 153862
VAT-ID: DE320408113