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  • XLeap facilitation software
    Clarity, shared purpose,
    joint action
    XLeap - Virtual tools for leading facilitators and consultants.
  • It is high time for better answers
    Facilitation software
    for the 21st century
    XLeap - Virtual tools for leading facilitators and consultants.
  • XLeap facilitation software
    When everything changes,
    winners adapt and lead.
    XLeap - Virtual tools for leading facilitators and consultants.

XLeap - Facilitation software

XLeap Facilitation Software

Clarity, shared purpose, and action

are what facilitation professionals offer by enabling effective real-time collaboration between experts, stakeholders, and decision makers.

When organizations use facilitators, consultants, and project professionals to conduct their key meetings and workshops, they clearly are calling on the best to tap into tacit knowledge and leverage the heuristics of groups. However, some would claim that, historically, even the best have faced limitations: Because of non-disclosure and bias, important facts and ideas have often not been shared and key information has frequently fallen on deaf ears.

There simply used to be no effective way of dealing with the social issues that plague any meeting. But so what, went the thinking: Until there is something better, let’s get what results we can from a well-facilitated meeting, it’s good enough.

In the post-pandemic world, putting up with “good enough” no longer works. Even when run by a professional facilitator, today’s video conferences do not adequately support facilitation methodology. Neither do boards, quizzes and other tools that are frequently used to augment remote meetings. In short: Substitutes for what may have been good enough in the past often aren’t good enough today.

Fortunately, advanced digitalization that addresses the issues is available. This new technology lets facilitators side-step the social barriers that stand in the way of participants fully disclosing what they think and of judging the contributions of others on merit alone.

Facilitation professionals can now address social issues in meetings and workshops, and much more, achieving outcomes which are more relevant and valid than previously thought possible.


VYTALS is a real-time online crowdsourcing solution that brings employees together to capture opinions, evaluate ideas and stimulate innovation.

Brandpie VYTALS is powered by XLeap.

Wayne Roberts, COO, Brandpie


Brandpie Logo

XLeap customer Brandpie saved its client AstraZeneca two million hours through an employee-led simplification scheme.

Brandpie VYTALS is powered by XLeap.


Shake off the nostalgia, adapt, and thrive

XLeap facilitation software has not come out of the blue. For over a decade, we at XLeap have developed it with consultants and facilitators of virtually every discipline.

Together, we have not just digitalized proven facilitation methodologies, but gone a lot further: Instead of simply emulating old-school workshops, XLeap has applied digitalization to overcome age-old issues of non-disclosure, bias, limited airtime, and prioritization which had previously prevented groups from being at their best.

XLeap is the market leader. Facilitators, consultants, and project professionals quickly come to rely on the effectiveness of XLeap and enjoy the compliments from participants on their almost magical experience. With XLeap, groups are astonished by what they achieve.

Join the many consultants, facilitators and project professionals who have already taken the leap. XLeap supplies the tools and offers guidance. Then it is over to you to employ XLeap’s digital magic in the service of your clients and reap the rewards.

Let's get going!

Your journey with XLeap depends on who you are and what you plan to do with XLeap.

Individual practitioner

If you are a facilitation professional free to choose your tools:

  1. Begin a free 14-day XLeap Trial today.
  2. An XLeap representative will contact you within 3 days to arrange a 10-minute consultation to ensure that your Trial experience is successful.
  3. When you purchase a new XLeap subscription, you also get 6 hours of training, at no extra cost. A Personal XLeap subscription costs {cur}4,900 per year. Buy now.
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Consulting or professional services firm

If you are part of an organization which provides facilitation services, or whose services require facilitated meetings and workshops, please request a free consultation with us to discuss:

  1. The suitability of XLeap for the work you do
  2. Deployment options and assurances to your clients
  3. The licensing and enablement of your team
  4. Your timelines

Pricing for organizational deployments starts at {cur}25,450.

Once it is clear what you need and how we can assist you, we'll deliver a plan and a proposal you can agree to.

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Educational or non-profit organization

If your organization serves educational or other not-for-profit purposes, you probably qualify for special pricing.

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