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  • When everything changes
    Decision making
    isn't optional
    XLeap enables organizations to stay ahead of it all.
    Aware. Informed. Creative. Alligned. Fast.
  • When the situation is unclear
    Focus on what matters
    then act decicisively
    XLeap involves your best and brightest.
    For better, actionable, consequential decisions.
  • It is high time for better answers
    21st century
    Decision Support System
    XLeap drives better decision making at all levels.
    Systematic. Engaging. Fast.

XLeap - Group Decision Support System

Welcome to XLeap

Systematically good decisions

XLeap is the benchmark in group decision support systems. It let's your best and brightest chart the course. It let's all levels of your organization contribute to, instead of getting in the way of, necessary change.

XLeap lets your people drive competitive advantage. By pulling out the stops. By making possible what remains an illusion in meetings and workshops or when relying on consultants: Engagement, honesty, creativity, priorities and speed. In other words,

  • full awareness of the issues and their causes
  • creative, feasible solutions
  • rapid and structured assessment of (side) effects

which are the foundations of good decisions that secure success.

XLeap supports global businesses and government agencies and those who serve them. It is built on the latest web technologies.

Discovery and awareness

If you can google it, do. If a test or a book will provide the answer, run it or read it.

Unfortunately, when it comes to understanding a situation or the root causes of an issue or who has a stake in what you consider doing, Google isn't very useful.

Google doesn't know the situation as it applies to you, nor do outside consultants unless you tell them first. Your people do. But in meetings, politics and a host of social barriers get in the way of sharing situational knowledge fully and honestly. This matters because you rarely get to the right solution without understanding the issue or opportunity.

Which is why XLeap session usually offer anonymity. Anonymity cuts through politics and self-conciousness. People share what they know. Make sense by building on each other's insights, even if they are from the 'wrong' person or department. This gives you a much sharper take of the situation faster than possible by conventional means.  

Priorities and focus

In conventional settings, groups find it very hard to express priorities. Which is why, to a disinterested observer, the choice of topics discussed and the conclusions reached can occasionally seem a bit arbitrary.

This matters because focussing on one topic means not dealing with something else, which may well be significantly more important. It gets worse, if the upshot of enquiry is determined by whoever gets to summarize the discussion - usually the guy at the head of the table.

Which is why XLeap provides for detailed assessment of facts, opinions, suggestions or ideas on one or multiple criteria. Results are available directly, which lets the group focus on what matters.

Engaged and aligned

If people you have invited to contribute, and who have something to say, cannot get a word in, don't expect them to stay tuned.

If such people pass up the opportunity to say what they think and know, because they prefer to remain silent or indulge in pleasentries, this wastes everybody's time.

If they don't agree and you fail to notice, you may be in for a surprise.

Which is why XLeap lets everybody contribute honestly when they have something to say, without having to wait their turn.

Which is why XLeap measures and shows where groups are aligned and where consensus remains to be built. 

Controlled dynamics


XLeap provides a set of spaces which are tooled for specific purposes such as presenting information and gathering feedback, brainstorming opinions, ideas or facts, prioritizing or assessing a set of items on one or multiple criteria or taking a deep-dive.

These spaces are arranged into a process through which participants move to produce the required outcome in the time available.

While such processes can be designed specifically for the task at hand and reconfigured on the fly, many organizations provide their managers and experts with process templates for recurring use cases such as "Risk assessment", "Creative problem solving", "Mission analysis" or "Stage-gate reviews".   

Informed decisions

Good luck if you must rely on a committee to inform important decisions.

This is because, committees face all the difficulties above without the tools to overcome them. Even where they are successful, their report will be the result of a negotiation meaning that you get a sausage without the details how it was made.

With XLeap enquiries are not just much faster, more honest and comprehensive. The result is structured, often culminating in a detailed utility analysis, and a verbatim record of the process that led to this result. Differences of opinion within the task force are not plastered over which absolves management from reading between the lines. Management can focus on the results and, where the it matters, drill into the sources of disagreement by checking the arguments that preceded the final assessment.

XLeap multi-criteria analysis

Deciding on XLeap

With XLeap, organizations make a big step towards more rational, timelier, better decision making.

Organizations reap the full benefits if they make the use of XLeap pervasive across departments and layers of hierarchy. Such pervasive use provides for faster and better decision making in daily operations, where they affect the bottom line directly. Perhaps even more importantly, it makes the orginazition more responsive to change, especially where change originates from executive decisions. With XLeap, operational management can match executive directives with speedy to-the-point mission analysis and contribute what is required.

In short, XLeap turns organizational agility and responsiveness into something more than a slogan.

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