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  • XLeap facilitation software
    Clarity, shared purpose,
    joint action
    In the post-pandemic world, facilitators and consultants work their magic with XLeap.
  • It is high time for better answers
    Facilitation software
    for the 21st century
    XLeap is the virtual facilitation toolkit for a post-pandemic world.
    Engage key people where they are - for meaningful timely results.
  • When everything changes
    Some resist and go under.
    Winners change and adapt.
    XLeap facilitation software starts where video conferencing ends.
    Work your magic with people wherever they are.

XLeap - Facilitation software

XLeap Facilitation Software

Clarity, shared purpose, and action

At a time of momentous change, when their skills are needed more than ever, facilitators and consultants find that the Pandemic has robbed most of the tools they used to work their magic. Sadly, even when run by a professional, video conferences have their limits. For professionals, it is deeply frustrating to know exactly what intervention their clients would need and being unable to deliver.

Worse, faced with extreme challenges, clients are looking for credible interventions, not better-run video conferences.

This is not going to blow over. In a post-pandemic world, even where cost is not an issue, key people assembling in one place for a facilitated meeting, workshop, 'world cafe', or traditional event will be rare.

To establish clarity, shared purpose and action with people sitting in their home offices, who are tired of endless conferencing, new methods and new tools are needed. The agents of change must embrace change for themselves, learn new tools and update their skills. Which means that not everybody will thrive in the new world. Some will resist, desperately hoping that, somehow, the world that valued their skills highly will return and raise their fortunes.

Adapt, stay relevant, and thrive

Of course, some failing to adapt will only increase the rewards for those who embrace the future, lead and succeed.

Fortunately, these leaders are not on their own. For over a decade, we at XLeap have worked with consultants and facilitators of virtually every discipline who had to work remotely. Together we have taken their successful facilitation methodologies online. More than that, digitalization has enabled new magic which overcomes several age-old issues which have prevented groups from being at their best when working together.

This experience is available to you if you are willing to embrace a new way of working that works in the post-pandemic world. But, of course, we can only supply the tools and offer some guidance. It falls to you to learn and apply the new magic in the service of your clients.

What are you waiting for?

The starting point of your journey with XLeap depends on who you are.

Consulting or professional services firm

If you are part of an organization which provides facilitation services or whose services require facilitated meetings and workshops, please request a free consultation to discuss 

  1. The suitability of XLeap for the work you do
  2. Deployment options and assurances to your clients
  3. The licensing and enablement of your team
  4. Your time lines

Once it is clear what you need and how we can assist you, we'll deliver a plan and a proposal you can agree to.